How I went from painting on canvas to painting on faces.

How many of us do not walk in our purpose because we don't know what our purpose is--or we are afraid of walking in our purpose?

How many of us don't walk in our purpose because we are afraid people will not accept our vision...?

This is a place I once was, and as I look over my life I now realized how I got started in beauty.  My Journey is unique, and like most, if we take the time to focus on our vision, it will all runs together and our purpose is born.
There is a beginning and and end. 

When I was young, my mother would take me to painting class on Saturday mornings.  I loved this class. Painting on canvas with all kinds of colors gave me so much energy to keep going.  This was what motivated me, and I was doing what I wanted to do.  A blank canvas without holding back what I had in me for that day. 

Painting on canvas gave me motivation to continue to mix colors that looked good together and spoke volume and meaning without speaking a word.

Some weekends when I was not in art school, my Godfather would come over and draw a picture on canvas.  Since he could draw so excellent....I would then add paint to the canvas to finish it off.

He had the outlines in place, and I finished the portrait with my unique colors that would come to my heart... Now many would have thought , "I see there is a horse on the canvas, why is it red?  Well that was my unique gift God gave me. I didn't want my horse to be black, brown, or white like the typical  horse.  I wanted my horse to be unique and confident in who she was--no matter how different she seemed to be to others.

This goes back to me saying that my paintings and colors spoke meaning without words.  Many years later, all of this lead to my slogan for my company which goes hand and hand with the unique identity that my horse portrayed, "Beauty that can't be ignored" 

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