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About Our Mission

How I decided to listen to the still small voice inside of me.  I was standing in my living room and I heard deep down in myself, that I should go into Women's Shelters and share my gifts and talents of Makeup Artistry to those Women. Then I had another voice saying that "your not good enough yet". I know how it feels not to be able to afford to have Beauty services done for myself, I know what it feels like to feel down, or overwhelmed with life. I know that during that part of my life, is when God told me to serve those Women with my gifts and talents.  I decided to push through the fear and realize that everything that was put in me, from God is enough to carry out my purpose for him. So that week I looked up shelters in the Metro Atlanta Area online and I have found two that responded back to me that week. They are very excited about collaborating with me. One of the ladies told me she had over one hundred emails to open but she just opened mine. I was chosen out of all the other emails she could have opened some were even sent  before I sent my email to her, but she chose to open JUST MAKEUP'S email which was then a blessing not only to me but to my community.

In February 2017 we were able to provide some of the women at Partnership Against Domestic Violence in Atlanta Ga. with beauty products and beauty bags with your help and I am so proud how we as a community came together in partnership.  💋 

We will be going into our second year providing our services/and or beauty and inspirational products to women in domestic violence shelters. I have new fresh ideas that can bring these women joyfulness from the inside out.  We are asking for your help with going into this second year to generously give back  to the community and help stop consistent unworthiness and doubt.

Our motto is: "Beauty that can't be ignored".

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