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Quick Brush Cleaner

Cost: $13

Synthetic Large
Blending Brush

Cost: $13

(picture only shows top of brush)

Synthetic Tapered
​Contour Brush

Cost: $17

(picture only shows top of brush)

We are going into our second year (2018) providing our services and/or beauty and inspirational products to women in domestic violence shelters. I have new fresh ideas that can bring these women joyfulness from the inside out.  We are asking for your help today with going into this second year to generously give back  to the community and help stop consistent unworthiness and doubt. 100% of the profit received from the below products, will go toward creating a non-profit to help women get back how beautiful they are and their worthiness.

Doin' Her Thang

Synthetic Angle Brush 

Cost: $12

(picture only shows top of brush)

Synthetic Double sided Brow Brush

Cost : $16



Pretty Cute

Wine bottle  matte lippies 


Synthetic Large
Eyeshadow ​Brush

Cost: $13

(picture only shows top of brush)

Girl Boss

Pink Passion

Waterproof stiletto mascara

Cost: $21.00

Mascara is richly pigmented and formulated to strengthen and add volume and length to lashes. Infused with Vitamin B and Panthenol protecting lash hairs from further damage and providing vital moisture, thickness and shine to each lash.

Black-waterproof cream/gel eyeliner plus 

Anatasia Beverly Hills #15 angle brush 

to apply liner